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Desalination with Solar Power

RO100SW Village Plant Solar

In cooperation with Moerk Water, EMPO-NI has developed the drive of this system, which is now operated exclusively with Solar Energie and does not require a battery.

This plant produces up to 100 litres per hour of safe, clean, drinkable water from salty sea water. The feed water is pumped directly from the ocean or beach well into the unit where it goes through a pre-filtration process before the high-pressure pump provides the pressure necessary to perform the reverse osmosis process (50 – 60 bar).
The plant requires approximately 2200W of energy to operate at maximum efficiency.  The kit will typically include 10 solar panels with an installed power of approximately 3500W. This should be sufficient for 5-8 hours of operation, producing 500 – 800 litres of clean water per day:  to manage the basic water related needs (i.e. drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene) of a small community. We recommend that larger communities have several strategically located machines throughout the village.


  • Gives the community a practically inexhaustible source  of safe, clean drinkable water

  • Battery free: lower up-front costs, lower operating costs

  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controlled:  more energy efficient, machine slows down and  reduces productivity when there is less sunlight to    maximize overall efficiency

  • New control-unit: automatic “start” and “stop”  depending on sunlight intensity and position

  • Off-grid with Solar Direct Drive: no operating costs, clean energy, no noise  pollution

  • Simplified system: no extra controller/battery system   necessary (mitigating the risk of costly repairs and     system down-time)

  • Easy transport and installation Cost-Saving: Produce fresh water on site

  • Go green: CO2-free water production

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