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Modular Pivot Drive 550 high torque

A modified Solar Direct Drive for use in small acreage pivot irrigation applications


Today pivot irrigation systems are typically used for areas greater than about 25 hectares and require grid power supply or diesel generators in any case.


EMPO-NI's entirely PV-solar powered system for smaller pivot irrigation requirements has selected for the European Union funded research project "WEAM4i" that researched potential solutions for small off-grid pivot irrigation systems.

Today the modular Pivot Drive 550 high torque is

developed to drive pivot towers covering areas of typically 10-15 hectares. The control signals are compatible with standard Pivot controls of leading manufacturers.

  • With and without battery backup

  • Input voltage: 36V (48V) DC

  • Output voltage: 0-400VAC 0-50Hz 550W

  • Battery management and charge control integrated

  • Microprocessor controlled

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